There are only two class for boys basketball A and B in North Dakota.

There are two regions – east and west.

Fargo Davies is in the east region, along with the two other Fargo public schools and Fargo Shanley, the Catholic high school.

Two Grand Forks high schools and two West Fargo high schools are included.

The other three schools are Devils Lake, Valley City and Wapheton.

Fargo and West Fargo grew together like Sioux Falls, Harrisburg and Brandon. West Fargo was once five miles west and included the stockyards and packing plant.

Our older readers may remember Shanley coming to Sioux Falls and Sioux City to play football. Track fans will remember Davies’ strong showing at the 2018 Howard Wood Relays.

Davies is named after North Dakota federal judge Ronald Davies, who ordered the integration of Little Rock Central High School.