After a two-week hiatus due to sickness, Dakota Valley’s volleyball team went back to action in a game at Lennox Oct. 13. No one would have realized that team play was suspended the way the Panthers came out and dominated the Orioles in three – 25-9; 25-7; 25-11.

Eleven. Eleven points was all that the Panthers allowed the Orioles to put down on their own court in one set. Rachel Rosenquist and Sophia Atchison put down 12 kills. Rosenquist added 2 aces to her stats. Other aces were Sammi Archer with 5 and Jorja VanDenHul with 2. VanDenHul had the lone block. Taylor Wilshire protected the floor with 19 digs, followed by Atchison with 13. Logan Miller added 34 assists to her stats.

“Varsity team played well after a two-week hiatus from practice,” coach Lonnie Bermel said. “Hitting percentages were high and we served the ball well with 11 aces. The players worked individually on conditioning while away and also analyzed game video for upcoming matches. We are happy to be back in the gym and look forward to a successful and safe season.”