Garretson came out possessing and being the aggressive team when the Dakota Valley soccer team played in Garretson Sept. 12. They caught the Panthers sleeping in the first half and scored in 21 minutes.

The score at halftime was 1-0 Garretson.

In the second half, DV saw a couple of opportunities but was not able to score. Garretson scored off a defensive mistake extending the lead 2-0.

With 4 minutes left in the game, Dakota Valley earned a corner kick. Ella Schmiedt was able to shoot on goal, but the goalkeeper made the save. Peyton Tritz got the rebound and beat the keeper.

Three minutes later, Dakota Valley pressured the Blue Dragon defense again, earning a corner kick with 23 seconds left. The ball bounced around in front of the goal until Ashlynn Stusse found Rylee Rosenquist who scored, tying the game with three seconds left in the game. The game ended 2-2.