The EPJ football team should always take the opening kickoff, because, man, can they move the ball downfield on their first series.

Friday, Oct. 8, hosting Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan, the Huskies drove downfield in a 65-yard drive to score just over 2 minutes into the game. Lucas Hueser scored the first of his 2 touchdowns from 5 yards out.

Lucas Hueser

Lucas Hueser breaks free from the Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan defense in the home game Oct. 8. He scored 2 touchdowns in the game.

The Seahawks seemed out of sorts on their first drive, calling 2 timeouts. Whatever the coach told them didn’t work, as EPJ held them on downs.

Starting on their own 29, the Huskies hustled downfield again. A pass from Noah McDermott to Garret Merkley netted 12 yards, then McDermott hit Devon Schmitz on a 53-yarder for another touchdown. Carson Timmins hit his second PAT of the game to make it 14-0.

“To say we started out quick might be an understatement,” head coach Jake Terry said. “Noah [McDermott] did a great job managing the game and running some midline option which was something we put in this week to take advantage of their alignment. The line once again did a great job leading the way in the run game and giving McDermott time in the pocket.”

With a 2-touchdown lead, the EPJ defense went to town. A Noah Larson sack, personal foul on BEE, a Jake Gale sack, delay of game – the BEE offense was stymied. They used their final time-out of the half and still had to punt on a 3rd and 29.

“Defensively, to force 2 3-and-outs to start the game was huge,” Terry said. “Coach Otkin had a great gameplan for these guys and our kids did an amazing job going out and executing. Other than a couple of big plays, we really slowed them down. In fact, we held Kobe Kayser, the returning HM All State RB from BEE to just 56 yds rushing.”

On the Huskies’ next series, McDermott kept it on the ground and took it in for himself for the TD. Timmins’ PAT made it 21-0 with time left in the 1st quarter.

Chace Fornia

Chace Fornia is headed for the Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan quarterback in the home game Oct. 8. He had a sack and a tackle for loss.

Starting the 2nd quarter, the Seahawks looked poised to move only backwards on their next drive, but their QB hit a receiver for a 59-yard touchdown.

The Huskies scored again just 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter on another Hueser run.

The defense continued to shine on BEE’s next series, with Hueser and Larson sandwiching the QB for a loss. Then Ben Swatek forced a fumble, recovered by Hueser.

For the first time in the game, EPJ couldn’t move the ball and had to punt. The Seahawks scored to close the score to 14-28. The Huskies got the ball back with 42 seconds left in the half, but did not score.

BEE started the second half much like the first – being pushed backwards by the Husky defense. EPJ took the punt and moved it downfield with short runs opened up by the offensive line. On a 3rd and goal from the 1, Swatek twisted and turned his way into the end zone. PAT good for a 35-14 lead.

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