This year has been interesting, as one party has tried to limit access to voting. Some has been by legislative action, others by court action.

Based on my many years of experience, it is hard to predict how all these actions will affect turn-out and results.

In the Twin Cities, lines were always long, which meant the wait was, too. Having a ballot mailed to me became my choice.

In one election, the Congressional candidate was young and the legislative much older. The other party’s candidates were reverse. Voter identification calls indicated voters were voting along age lines, making get-out-the-vote efforts suspect.

Woodbury County voted for Trump last time. Common sense would be that mailing out ballot requests would be good. Even a political veteran like me hates to fill out a form, so having it complete would make me and a lot of others happy. Unfortunately, the Iowa legislature has made that illegal.

There is also the issue of ballot drop boxes. In small counties, irrespective of state, it is easy. The Minnehaha County Auditor wanted to use the city branch libraries, but the mayor declined.

Elections have always had their challenges, but this year seems to have a few extra.

One can think the changes will help you but that is not always the case.

It would be best to support ways that build turnout.