We want to congratulate the local athletes who signed to play at the next level. Focus and dedication will grow in importance.

The Big Ten football season has to be the most unusual because of all the upsets. It may be good to have parity, although it may affect the league for the college football playoffs.

Listening to John Cook as a commentator for the Nebraska intersquad volleyball game was very educational. His daughter, Lauren, was also a commentator, but always refered to her father as Coach Cook. He talked about paying his dues when, as an assistant coach, he had to go to Fargo in the winter to recruit. Fast forward – that recruit’s daughter is now a freshman on the Husker team. It is the third mother-daughter combo he has coached.

We also enjoyed watching one of the line judges – our son-in-law. He does a number of the Husker games.

It doesn’t take much to see Minnesota’s PJ Fleck and Iowa’s Ferentz family don’t care for each other. I will let non-Minnesota and non-Iowa fans explore the reason.

If there is a bowl season, we will again seek out some of the best football minds in this area to make their predictions.