These are unique times. In some cases, people have a lot of time to think – sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.

Some situations are more complex than others. Addressing COVID-19 in Wayne, NE with one college is one thing. Addressing it in Mankato/St. Peter where there are five institutions of higher learning and 25,000 students, is more complex.

Then there is Fargo-Moorhead, also with 25,000 college students located in two states with different standards of lockdown.

The same can be true of college sports. Size of program and attendance at UNL is different than nearby Doane College. Everywhere in the Big Ten, there are comparable situations.

As the complexity of situations increase, the possibility for unintended consequences also increases. As a result, those in that situation may move slower or pivot more.

It is said you need to manage what you control. In today’s environment, that can be less and less.

Appreciate the efforts of all.