It is nice to get the last two weeks past us. Regardless of special meanings, holidays in the middle of the week are hard on us all.

Iowa caucuses are near and life on that side of the river can soon return to normal.

As if there wasn’t enough business pain with the bridge and Military Road construction, now it looks like Riverside Blvd will be the bottleneck in 2020.

We are exploring asking a few residents to describe what our South Dakota geographic area will look like in 2030.

As for 2020, the legislature will soon be in session. Those sessions always provide some surprises.

On the world front, one cannot predict anything in the Middle East. Ethnic groups complicate country boundaries. There’s no easy solution and one missed calculation can be catastrophic.

It may be time to keep it basic: attend a Legion pancake breakfast or a local ballgame or grab a library book to read. Savor the simplicity.