Life has changed for all of us. For better mental health, we need to be creative in a safe way. Everyone has ideas, but here are a few that are easy and affordable. They may require some changes on your part.

1) Try a new food product. Early in my career, I lived in the Twin Cities and some of my friends were product managers at various food companies like General Mills. Following the introduction and trying new products of theirs and competitors, the products became a conversation topic.

2) Pick out a book that is a different read. The book on the late John Lewis by Pulitzer Prize winning author Jon Meacham gives an inside historical look at the civil rights movement.

3) Find a “new” cookbook. In their book sections, Goodwill usually has selections. I remember one by the Junior League of Colorado.

4) Take a day trip someplace you have not visited. Lewis & Clark State Park along the lake is super.

5) Visit local landmarks. I’m amazed at how many people have not visited Trinity Heights or the Freedom Wall in South Sioux City.

6) Reach out to someone you have not visited with for a while. It can make their day.

7) Find family pictures with no names on them and work to get them all identified.

8) Turn off national news or talk shows. When I was growing up, a close neighbor we called “Aunt,” had to stop watching wrestling on TV as it raised her blood pressure. This weekend I visited with someone after their physical. His blood pressure was perfect. The solution – no talk shows or national news.

9) Pick a new place to learn about.

10) Create or update your bucket list.