This week we have two guest articles from the Chyenne River Indian Reservation, courtesy of the West River Eagle newspaper. One will run in the paper and the other is available on our website:

Our goal is not to take a position for or against Governor Kristi Noem or the Native Americans. Our goal is to let you read the view of those on the Cheyenne River reservation. Noem’s position has been well represented.

Tribal relations are an important part of the fabric of South Dakota. They are complicated by the number of reservations, their size and geographical reach.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association has worked hard, including having a representative of Native schools on the board.

At the State A Basketball tournament, Dakota Valley’s first-round opponent would have been Crow Creek, but the tournament was cancelled.

A startling statistic for Cheyenne River is that the average income yearly equals one month’s average salary in the Times’ readership area.

Native Americans are family oriented. Their leaders want to improve the way of life and protect the health of their residents.

You might ask, where are the profits from the gaming casinos? Governor Janklow limited their locations to on the reservations. As a result, the more isolated reservations do not benefit from owning casinos.

Take time and read these special articles. It will give you an insight into other South Dakotans.