Just think of a project where you needed cooperation from a state government, two Native American nations, ranchers, hunters and conservationists. It would seem daunting, if not impossible.

But all those groups did come together in North Dakota and Montana to relocate Big Horn Sheep from Montana to North Dakota.

The sheep were placed in rugged terrain in two areas along Lake Sakakawea within the Three Nations Reservation. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is working with the tribe to take over management. The pregnant ewes come from the Rocky Point Reservation.

This is not the first in special cooperations. Nebraska has done the same, bringing sheep from Colorado, Montana and Alberta to create five herds.

The Nebraska herds are located in the Wildcat Hills southwest of Scottsbluff and four herds along Highway 20 from Harrison, Fort Robinson to Chadron. The herd near Harrison is on a private ranch.

When it was time to collar the sheep, support came from many places, including UNL, SDSU and both the Omaha and Lincoln Zoos.

These majestic animals are great to see. Repopulation efforts have been very successful.

It is great to see all the cooperation to make it happen.