The Golden Rule is pretty simple... “Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you.”

Unfortunately, not everyone subscribes to that philosophy.

If you adhere to common sense and listening to experts, life could be pretty good.

I am pleased with what I see in Vermillion and at USD. Masks usage is well above 95 percent. Some proudly wear USD masks, others their own creations and some the basic medical.

One person said mask wearing should not be that difficult. If you’ve been here in a hard winter or play outdoor winter sports, you know some type of face covering is used without a second thought.

As I have visited with relatives (all strong-willed and outspoken) around the country and abroad, everyone has a different situation. My brother lives near a county line in the Nashville metro area. One side of the street is wide open; the other side, in a different county, requires masks and has more restrictions.

His daughter is in Tel Aviv where they have tight restrictions. The acceptance rate of those restrictions is high, as the country understands challenges, be it health or otherwise.

Our daughter in Colorado lives under another set of rules, while a cousin’s daughter in San Francisco has different restrictions entirely.

In visiting with all of them, two simple things stand out regardless of location – best practices (masks) and common courtesy.

Unfortunately, this situation will take time to resolve.