One of the most asked questions today is, “Have you had your COVID-19 shot?” After last Friday, I can say I have had my initial dose.

First, the effect. My arm was sore for a few days, but only when I bumped it. The soreness did not interfere with my sleep. I return on March 12 for the second shot.

I had to register with Sanford, even though they are not my primary clinic. It was Sanford, as they are the designated provider in the county I live in.

After several weeks of registering, I received both a text and email asking me to respond to set up an appointment. I took the option of calling an 800 number, which indicated there might be a long wait time. It ended up to be less than a minute.

Sanford is apparently using a centralized location, so some time was spent establishing where I would go, even though I had only one option. I realize, for the person on the other end of the line, each call may be a different location. Two options were given to me, the next day or in a week. I took the next day.

Once at the clinic, there were multiple registration lines, an escort from registration to where the shot was administered and an escort where I waited 15 minutes after getting the shot.

My brother, who is older, lives in Brentwood, TN. He has had both shots. He received his at Vanderbuilt University Hospital. His experience at both the site where the shot was administrated and the effects of both shots were the same as mine.

We can both say the workers were great and fellow patients were courteous.

Hope your experience is the same.