The COVID-19 relief bill did indicate one thing – the two political parties can work together if they are permitted to. Our U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson deserves credit for being part of the group that initiated this action.

You can look at efforts tried previously but failed. Two come to mind – immigration and the federal debt.

Unfortunately, the political environment has created too many all or nothings for one’s solutions. Some members of Congress like to hear themselves speak, thinking their air time is showing that they are getting something done which they are not.

Another issue is incumbents being challenged in primaries. Johnson and Senator Mike Rounds are two of the workhorses in Congress, yet both had primaries last year as incumbents.

Outgoing President Donald Trump has tweeted that U.S. Senator John Thune will be primaried next year.

The issues are too great. We all cannot have everything we want, just as in life.

The national debt is my number one issue. We are fortunate to be in a low-rate environment, but that will end someday.

Pay for performance for members for Congress would be an interesting concept.