In South Dakota, if the state and South Dakota State University get behind something it has credibility and is usually successful.

An intiative started last year, spearheaded by SDSU with the State Department of Tourism, is the development of Ag Tourism. SDSU has created a program for those interested.

SDSU has also established hubs in several cities like Faith and Faulkton where there are multiple businesses interested in the program.

The goal is to develop new sources of income by appealing to persons seeking a rural experience.

The South Dakota Rural Electic Association featured Ag Tourism in a major story in their monthly publication, Cooperative Connections.

A venue that fits in this catagory was chosen the business of the year by the Canton Chamber of Commerce.

Compared to much of South Dakota, things can be too easy here in Union County. Being close to metro areas, a state university and lots of irrigated land is much different than a Faulkton or a Faith.

But residents of Union County deserve the opportunity to participate in this initiative of SDSU and South Dakota.

Union County needs to be proactive rather than employing a piece-meal response on a case-by case-basis.

The county and our communities have done well when we are proactive.

It’s time again.