Kudos to the Texas policeman who responded to a 9-1-1 call and carried a lady to safety just before the roof of her home was torn off by a tornado. The story has a second happy ending. When the homeowner returned to her heavily-damaged home, she found her cat inside and unhurt. Thank you to CNN for airing the story.

In appreciation of our many fine law enforcement personnel, I am reminded of a comment made a few years back.

“When I need someone, I don’t care if it is a policeman, a sheriff or a game warden, just that they get here.”

Current times reminded me of the early 80s when interest rates topped 20 percent. First you had to figure out what you were going to do, the second was figuring out how to execute it.

Maybe there will be a resurgence of politeness during these times. Living in Vermillion, my wife and I frequently comment how courteous the USD students are.

Our value system puts politeness and being courteous as key characteristics. Some practice them well; others need to slow down and remember them.