It is a phrase used in many settings. Its prime reference is to suggest ‘walk in their shoes’ to understand where they come from. It helps one appreciate a particular position or positions a person takes.

This past week we have observed eulogies for the late Congressman John Lewis. Raised in Selma, AL, he joined the civil rights movement at an early age at a high level.

In years past, congressmen would visit districts of the other congressmen, even those of another party. Urban congressmen came to the Midwest; Midwestern congressmen went to bigger cities.

At a time when this concept is needed more than ever, the toxic political environment is a major roadblock.

The concept of congress by our founding fathers valued the diversity of our country geographically.

With voting rights expanded, including women, there are new visions and experiences.

John Lewis was an icon who helped change this nation. Over time we will recognize more and appreciate the contribution of many by ‘walking in their shoes.’