The story in South Dakota football this year is the success of Tea Area as they moved up to Class AA. They are ranked #1, undefeated in the 11-team class.

The Average Daily Membership (grades 9-11) preliminary enrollment for Tea Area this year is 450; Dakota Valley is second in the conference at 339. Five years ago, DV was 5th of the 11 schools in the DAK-12 Conference. Beresford is no longer part of the DAK-12.

There are 14 teams in Class A. Chamberlain could choose to play in the Native American Conference. Sisseton might be close.

West Central will be a good test for the Panther football team this Friday. They blanked Sioux Falls Christian 19-0 last week.

There are 29 teams in 11B. Nine of these played nine-man in previous years. There are some new coops. Baltic, being close to Sioux Falls, may eventually move up. A new housing development for 123 homes was just announced.

For soccer fans, the proximity to USD is special. They hosted Iowa State on Sunday and won 1-0. They will host St. Thomas this Friday at 6 p.m. to start conference play.

The first college basketball books are out. The Anthlon Sports Publication for North Dakota states, “The staff hopes freshman Paul Bruns will come in and make an instant impact.”

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It’s a challenge covering the eight sports we have this fall, compared to some schools with just four. We are grateful for the parents who help and the coaches who are committed to getting us game information.