Over the years I have written about the changing environment in South Dakota football due to enrollment. The same can be true at the college level.

I came across a 1954 publication in my father’s archives. Some conferences at that time are very interesting.

The Missouri Valley Conference consisted of Oklahoma A&M, Houston, Detroit, Wichita State and Tulsa. Present-day local schools were in the North Central Conference.

Oklahoma A&M would eventually enter the Big Seven to make it the Big 8.

The most interesting was the Border Conference. The University of Arizona was joined by Tempe State (now Arizona State), Flagstaff State (now Northern Arizona), Texas Tech and Texas Western (now UTEP).

Absent were the Air Force Academy, which was started in the ’60s; Boise State was a junior college. In the south, Florida State and Miami were not listed.

Tulane and Georgia Tech were members of the Southeastern Conference. South Carolina was not yet a member.

Idaho joined the Oregon and Washington schools in the northern division of the Pacific Coast Conference.

Just as in South Dakota, you could see changes in sports due to population changes so can you nationally especially in the southwest.