This past week the SDSU football team hosted the College of Holy Cross from Worcester, MA.

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The South Dakota Basketball Coaches/Sanford Pentagon all star games were a treat to watch.

That’s the best way to describe an intensely local weekly newspaper.

A visit with a senior advisor to a U.S. Senator brought home a major paradox in the country today.

South Dakota is a diverse state just as all are. Within one state, there are people of excellence in many areas. Here are two.

This year’s Class A Boys tournament may have been the most balanced in years. A few different bounces could have changed things.

This year, girls basketball was about as balanced as you can get with a few special situations.

The US Census Bureau wants to change the requirements to be a Metropolitan Statistical Area. The proposal will strip 144 small cities of that status. There are currently 392 MSAs.

Special thanks should go to the schools willing to host SoDak16 contests. Kadoka stepped up for a double-header for both Class A boys and girls.

The 1976 Class B all-state boys basketball team had some interesting players.

The whole nation watched last week as Texas went into a deep freeze. Much of the misery could have been avoided had state officials and energy industry leaders followed recommendations of 2011.

One of the most asked questions today is, “Have you had your COVID-19 shot?” After last Friday, I can say I have had my initial dose.

Just think of a project where you needed cooperation from a state government, two Native American nations, ranchers, hunters and conservationists. It would seem daunting, if not impossible.

Amy Williams helped raise the level of women’s basketball when she led the USD women to the WNIT Championship. Dawn Plizawelz built on that, getting the Coyotes to an 11th place ranking in the coaches’ poll last year.

Participation in classics gives Dakota Valley players and teams excellent visibility. Classics have a rich history in South Dakota. Sponsorships vary. Some communities have sports and recreation committees who sponsor. In other places, it could be an organization like Sanford or an education…

Washington, D.C. is supposed to be the center of world democracy. Pictures of fences topped by barbed wire and military personnel and equipment are not the image we or the world wants to see.

My first exposure to Georgia came from a teammate on the track team at the University of Wyoming who was from Georgia. He was a pole vaulter and is now ranked nationally at his age group. On trips he would offer his thoughts on the civil war.

The COVID-19 relief bill did indicate one thing – the two political parties can work together if they are permitted to. Our U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson deserves credit for being part of the group that initiated this action.

It was an unique year for all of us. We all learned to do business differently. For some, it worked; for others, macro economics were too great.

Over the years I have written about the changing environment in South Dakota football due to enrollment. The same can be true at the college level.

As one looks back at life, there are moments that made a difference, sometimes in a big way, others in a small.

Last Saturday, I took a break and went on a road trip to a number of small towns in South Dakota.

Last week I took the time to review the bound copies of the Leader-Courier, the sister paper of the Times. The Leader-Courier is in its 150th year and 26th year of our ownership. My wife, Susan, is editor.

We want to congratulate the local athletes who signed to play at the next level. Focus and dedication will grow in importance.

Let’s be real – Washington, D.C., is broken. If it were just you and me out there, we could figure this thing out pretty quickly with a little South Dakota common sense. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Washington is filled with un-elected lobbyists and bureaucrats who think they run …

The first college basketball magazine is out. For women, the University of South Dakota is ranked 25th. South Carolina, who the Coyotes played well last year, is ranked number one.

Monday morning we received a news release about a news conference that Sanford would be making a major partnership announcement.

As we come close to the actual election day on Nov. 3, it is important to keep something in mind.

Fortune magazine has been a leader of business news since 1929. Saturday, I received the October issue. Here are some tidbits from this month.

Life has changed for all of us. For better mental health, we need to be creative in a safe way. Everyone has ideas, but here are a few that are easy and affordable. They may require some changes on your part.

Big 10 football is back.

The nice part of non-conference or out-of-area play is competing with teams from throughout the state. Milbank is known in economic development circles as one of the state’s diversified communities, due in part to local entrepreneurial leadership.

Friday night, Dakota Valley played at Crane Youngworth stadium in Yankton. The stadium was originally part of the now-closed Yankton College. After its closure, the college became a federal prison through the efforts of then-U.S. Senator Larry Pressler.

This year has been interesting, as one party has tried to limit access to voting. Some has been by legislative action, others by court action.

These are unique times. In some cases, people have a lot of time to think – sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.

Untold athletes have heard a version of the phrase, “Shake it off, move on.”

These are unique times for everyone, regardless of where you live and work. Historically, we have made it through these unique situations; some, like World War II, affected many people for a long time after.

It is a phrase used in many settings. Its prime reference is to suggest ‘walk in their shoes’ to understand where they come from. It helps one appreciate a particular position or positions a person takes.

Big name football schedules are changing dramatically as some conferences limit their play to conference opponents.

During the flood of 2011, area residents found there were lots of untrained engineering “experts” who had all the answers, usually after the fact.

Colleges throughout the nation are developing contingency plans for the upcoming school year.

During this pandemic reading has become one option to fill your time. There are several new books out, three that have been informative.

Kudos to the Texas policeman who responded to a 9-1-1 call and carried a lady to safety just before the roof of her home was torn off by a tornado. The story has a second happy ending. When the homeowner returned to her heavily-damaged home, she found her cat inside and unhurt. Thank you to …

Father’s Day is one of those special days. I was fortunate to have a father growing up. Unfortunately, he passed away at 67 from an enlarged heart, a common diagnosis of professional football players from the 40s.

Kudos to South Dakota Secretary of State Steve Barnett for his leadership in implementing a mail-in voting process.