Congratulations to Isaac Bruns on his commitment to play basketball at USD. It will make his senior year easier as the recruiting process is done.

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We are appreciative of the solid support of our newspaper, people who see value in a local community newspaper. It is exciting to see multiple generations of a family subscribing and the many readers who contributed items from pictures, news tips to stories.

With the pending retirement from the newspapers, one has to look at what to do pending health considerations.

Newspapers have existed for a long time and in communities our size with a heavy local focus can continue.

KELO TV the CBS affiliate annually does a KELO Cup on the best overall teams in South Dakota’s three classes.

The IAMs plant in North Sioux City was a great source of community pride. The excellent corporate image was key.


The next five weeks will be challenging.


Water will become the most important commodity going ahead for us in the upper Midwest. It already is in many places.

With winter behind us, it’s time to start looking ahead to a busy, and hopefully successful, spring fishing season.

The questioning of our new Supreme Court member by several Senators was concerning, especially the part about her role as a public defender.

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As you know, Susan has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for pancreatic cancer. The treatments are getting stronger, limiting her ability to work.


Recently, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released its health care facility recommendations to the Asset and Infrastructure Review (AIR) Commission. These proposals are the first step in a multi-year process. Under the law, all VA proposals are required to be reviewed b…


A historic concept has been made into a political football. In the past, history classes were taught along the lines of, “This is what happened.” Seldom, if ever, did we hear that it was part of a concept.

Last week, I was informed by Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 23 Director Robert McDivitt and the Biden Administration of recommended in-patient service closures that follow a multi-year nationwide review of (Veterans Affairs) VA services.


This week is Sunshine Week, a national observance to highlight the importance of openness and transparency in government and freedom of information laws.


This year’s Class A girls basketball tournament was an event as has been in some time. If you were on, it was good; if not, not so good.

As the world aligns on many levels to retaliate against Russia for invading Ukraine, financial pain has emerged as the chief non-military weapon. Numerous sanctions have been imposed on Moscow, with many nations and institutions also targeting Russian oligarchs with new sanctions to make the…


High school basketball has been special throughout its history in South Dakota. The state tournament was a must event and really moved to the big time in the early 50s when the Huron Arena was built. Crowds of up to 7,000 filled the place. It was a time before school consolidation, so some o…


The University of Nebraska – Lincoln recently experienced a lesson on how not to do it.

While the Winter Olympics is not a big thing here as it is in some states like Minnesota that provide a number of athletes, it still has a draw.


Between my junior and senior year in high school, the YMCA offered a special opportunity. It was a trip to Washington, D.C. and New York City to see the World’s Fair.

There is discussion that permitting transgender athletes to compete will affect scholarship opportunities. Since there has been only one documented transgender over the years, it couldn’t have been a factor.

As you watch basketball games on cable throughout the United States, it is noted that many high schools in our area have better facilities than some colleges.

A question I frequently receive from colleagues and friends is related to whether or not a received email is actually legitimate. “Michael, I got this email from Apple, but I don’t remember purchasing anything. It says the account will be closed if action isn’t taken immediately – what shoul…

On Monday, Feb. 7 and Tuesday, Feb. 8, Dakota Valley High School is excited to host two separate Challenge Days. On Monday, the freshmen students will experience the Challenge Day and on Tuesday, it will be the sophomores’ day. DVHS is fortunate to be able to host these events this year. Las…

The mailbox, empty from Christmas catalogues, now is filling with seed catalogues.

The 2020-21 ice fishing season has now been over for about nine months, but the tragedies still linger in everyone’s minds and hearts. Unforeseen circumstances throughout the last ice season have hopefully made many anglers aware for the future of ice fishing seasons. Cold weather season in …

My brother called the other day to say Nashville had at least five inches of snow. With the exception of east Tennessee that is very rare. It occurred just weeks after tornadoes.

Welcome to 2022! As you may know, influenza is starting to rear its ugly head in the tri-state area and across the United States. In South Dakota there were 1,091 new cases of influenza the week of Dec. 25. Influenza A made up 1,059 of these cases. These numbers are well above average for th…

Although the football format is different, New Year’s Day had the feeling of NCAA basketball in March.

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There is probably no segment of American society as thoroughly vaccinated and regularly tested for the coronavirus as professional sports.

This year was special for our family, as everyone made it home for Christmas.

This past week, we saw the nation pay its respects to former Kansas U.S. Senator Bob Dole.

Paul Bruns is emerging as a leader on the North Dakota basketball team. Playing the role of the sixth man, he is in the top five for minutes. In the Kansas State game, he had the second highest, with 28 minutes. Bruns led the team in scoring against both Florida International and Kansas State.


These past weeks found us in uncharted waters, as family, friends, staff and extended family joined to support Susan, while at the same time we continue to publish two important newspapers for our communities.

Local athletes have an abundance of opportunities regionally with top teams at each collegiate level NAIA, Division I, II and III.

I am writing in response to the story in last week’s paper dated November 18 regarding the county giving out $2,000 bonuses to county employees from the American rescue act money they received from the federal government. The commissioners referred to it as a stipend. I read the American res…


Players always remember a few special games or meets. Peyton Wingert, now a senior at Midland University, will remember this year’s exhibition game against Nebraska at Pinnacle Bank Arena Nov. 1. Although the Huskers won 87-42, Wingert led Midland in scoring with 14 points and rebounding wit…


This November will be the 39th anniversary of the Wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Where did those 39 years go? Is Vietnam getting to be only a memory?


When Ed Meierkort was head football coach at the University of South Dakota, he was known for bringing talented assistants who moved on to better positions. They include Todd Hoffner at Minnesota State – Mankato and Glen Caruso at the University of St. Thomas.

Congratulations to the Dakota Valley soccer team for making the state championship game at Howard Wood Field in Sioux Falls. They played where multiple athletic stars have excelled whether on the field or on the track.

In South Dakota, if the state and South Dakota State University get behind something it has credibility and is usually successful.