My first exposure to Georgia came from a teammate on the track team at the University of Wyoming who was from Georgia. He was a pole vaulter and is now ranked nationally at his age group. On trips he would offer his thoughts on the civil war.

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The COVID-19 relief bill did indicate one thing – the two political parties can work together if they are permitted to. Our U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson deserves credit for being part of the group that initiated this action.

It was an unique year for all of us. We all learned to do business differently. For some, it worked; for others, macro economics were too great.

Over the years I have written about the changing environment in South Dakota football due to enrollment. The same can be true at the college level.

As one looks back at life, there are moments that made a difference, sometimes in a big way, others in a small.

Last Saturday, I took a break and went on a road trip to a number of small towns in South Dakota.

Last week I took the time to review the bound copies of the Leader-Courier, the sister paper of the Times. The Leader-Courier is in its 150th year and 26th year of our ownership. My wife, Susan, is editor.

We want to congratulate the local athletes who signed to play at the next level. Focus and dedication will grow in importance.

Let’s be real – Washington, D.C., is broken. If it were just you and me out there, we could figure this thing out pretty quickly with a little South Dakota common sense. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Washington is filled with un-elected lobbyists and bureaucrats who think they run …

The first college basketball magazine is out. For women, the University of South Dakota is ranked 25th. South Carolina, who the Coyotes played well last year, is ranked number one.

Monday morning we received a news release about a news conference that Sanford would be making a major partnership announcement.

As we come close to the actual election day on Nov. 3, it is important to keep something in mind.

Fortune magazine has been a leader of business news since 1929. Saturday, I received the October issue. Here are some tidbits from this month.

Life has changed for all of us. For better mental health, we need to be creative in a safe way. Everyone has ideas, but here are a few that are easy and affordable. They may require some changes on your part.

Big 10 football is back.

The nice part of non-conference or out-of-area play is competing with teams from throughout the state. Milbank is known in economic development circles as one of the state’s diversified communities, due in part to local entrepreneurial leadership.

Friday night, Dakota Valley played at Crane Youngworth stadium in Yankton. The stadium was originally part of the now-closed Yankton College. After its closure, the college became a federal prison through the efforts of then-U.S. Senator Larry Pressler.

This year has been interesting, as one party has tried to limit access to voting. Some has been by legislative action, others by court action.

These are unique times. In some cases, people have a lot of time to think – sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.

Untold athletes have heard a version of the phrase, “Shake it off, move on.”

These are unique times for everyone, regardless of where you live and work. Historically, we have made it through these unique situations; some, like World War II, affected many people for a long time after.

It is a phrase used in many settings. Its prime reference is to suggest ‘walk in their shoes’ to understand where they come from. It helps one appreciate a particular position or positions a person takes.

Big name football schedules are changing dramatically as some conferences limit their play to conference opponents.

During the flood of 2011, area residents found there were lots of untrained engineering “experts” who had all the answers, usually after the fact.

Colleges throughout the nation are developing contingency plans for the upcoming school year.

During this pandemic reading has become one option to fill your time. There are several new books out, three that have been informative.

Kudos to the Texas policeman who responded to a 9-1-1 call and carried a lady to safety just before the roof of her home was torn off by a tornado. The story has a second happy ending. When the homeowner returned to her heavily-damaged home, she found her cat inside and unhurt. Thank you to …

Father’s Day is one of those special days. I was fortunate to have a father growing up. Unfortunately, he passed away at 67 from an enlarged heart, a common diagnosis of professional football players from the 40s.

Kudos to South Dakota Secretary of State Steve Barnett for his leadership in implementing a mail-in voting process.

I joined millions of folks to watch demonstrations and heroes on TV over the past weekend. Having been a resident of the Twin Cities, twice, and it being my corporate headquarters, I focused on reports from Minneapolis.

We join with graduates at all levels in feeling disappointment in the way the year ended. Creative efforts were made to replicate ceremonies, but lost activities cannot be recovered for seniors.

Native Americans have centuries of experience with Pandemics. Before Columbus, native peoples were remarkably healthy. Native Americans shared food with all in the village and cared for each other.

This week we have two guest articles from the Chyenne River Indian Reservation, courtesy of the West River Eagle newspaper. One will run in the paper and the other is available on our website:

Hau mitakuyapi. Focusing only on the public health checkpoints takes away what this tribe has done for the people that live here. This tribe has developed, from the top down, a member-centric strategy that involves a robust Tribal Health program that does contact tracing, that monitors at-ri…

In May of 1970 one of the most horrific events, at that time, occurred at Kent State University.

Just as guarantees for football games take many forms, so do salaries for mid-major men’s basketball coaches.

Congratulations to the Iowa Hawkeyes for their showing in the NFL draft. Iowa City is a place offensive linemen should want to attend.

During this time of pandemics, quarantines and stay-at-home or stay-in-place orders, people are spending more time with technology. Whether working, learning or being stuck at home, internet access seems crucial.

We are all in uncharted waters as we proceed in these times. While there is some commonality, there are uniquenesses.

Kudos to Morningside and Dordt for landing Division I transfers. Historically, most transfers tried to go to Division II schools. It speaks volumes about the job John Reynders and his team have done at Morningside in all aspects.

It is great that the University of South Dakota womens basketball team finished 11th in the Coaches Poll and 17th in the Associated Press poll.

This is our second week of school closures in South Dakota. As I’ve been reading what schools are implementing to help with learning during this time, I read this: “Schools will not be the same when they reopen.” That’s certainly true. Our teachers, in their efforts to provide at-home learni…

These are unique times, but approaching it with a positive attitude will help. It will create opportunities for family time. As in the past, you can seek things to do in your house or yard. Read the newspaper to stay in touch.

South Dakota is lucky compared to some of our neighbors. Our legislature will soon be done for the year.

It was exciting watching Sports Center’s top 10 plays the other day. Number one was USD’s Chris Nilsen setting an NCAA indoor pole vault record of 19-5.5. The achievement came at a meet at the University of Nebraska.

As the country continues to debate immigration, I would like to give a little history lesson based on personal experience.