A progress report from JEO Engineering was the first item on the North Sioux City City Council meeting agenda Monday, April 6. There’s a potential of JEO starting earlier on the Northshore Drive sewer project since school won’t resume this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The other update was on the Jeff Rabbitt property.

North Sioux City Public Works Superintendent Rusty Montagne said that he met with JEO and Rabbitt at the property today, but there were still some discrepencies that need to be worked out. According to Montagne, Rabbitt would like another foot of fill dirt on the property, but JEO said that it is adequate and drainage won’t be an issue.

The council asked if another foot of fill dirt is in the budget they allowed for the property. The amount agreed upon was $14,000 at the Nov. 18, 2019 meeting. Montagne asked for direction because the property is set to be seeded this week.

Mayor Randy Fredericksen said they already gave them extra dirt because some areas where rock and asphalt was removed were deeper than expected.

Council member Rodd Slater said he would like to see something in writing from Rabbitt instead of the hearsay from all the meetings.

“We don’t want to put you in a spot where it’s ‘Hang on. That’s not what I told Rusty,’” council member Dan Parks said.

“If he [Rabbitt] wants to communicate with this council, he needs to do it directly, not through you [Montagne],” Slater said.

“I thought we went over and above already, with all the dirt,” Fredericksen said.

“Last I knew... the engineer was going to have the final say,” council member Lesa Cropley said. “Not us and not Rabbitt; isn’t that correct, Darrell [Jesse, city attorney]? That if JEO is happy, then everyone is happy?”

Jesse agreed. The council informed Montagne to move forward based on JEO’s recommendations.

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