Last week – March 17 – the Union County Board of County Commissioners limited public access into the courthouse to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect employees and customers. The board reviewed that order at their meeting Tuesday, March 24 and decided the measures were sufficient and will remain in place until further notice. Members of the public are asked to call ahead of time to the department in which they need to conduct their business and see whether their presence is essential or whether business matters can be handled over the phone, through the mail or by email.


Other measures newly implemented by the board were the purchase of up to 10 laptop computers with remote internet capabilities. This is to allow courthouse employees to take a computer home if work necessitates. The board moved to purchase refurbished computers through RTI at a cost of $758.25 each.

A letter sent from Human Resources indicating that businesses that have employees either quarantined or that close due to COVID-19 must provide at least two weeks sick leave to their employees will be discussed Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at a special meeting with all the department heads.

A discussion on whether the county should direct businesses in Dakota Dunes to close ensued. The commissioners decided that it wasn’t up to them to force businesses (especially bars and restaurants) to close, but should be up to business discretion.

Nuisance properties

Commissioner Kevin Joffer brought up that there were still nuisances to be resolved, including the Duane Tielke property and Independence Waste. Joffer stated that he was informed of people dropping off dumpsters and garbage receptacles at Independence Waste because the bank had never picked them up.

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