Corinne Rath and Charlotte Nagel

Corinne Rath and Charlotte Nagel shared a joint retirement party at the Dakota Valley Elementary school May 6. Check last week’s paper for Nagel’s story.

Coming from a long line of educators, Corrine Rath saw an opportunity to continue her family’s value of education. She decided to become a teacher.

Growing up in Vermillion, Rath said her parents always valued education for her and her seven siblings. She attended USD and began her 37 year career at St. Agnes Elementary School in Vermillion. She taught fourth grade for five years, third grade for 15 years and served four years as the Elementary Principal. The last 13 years at Dakota Valley she spent teaching Reading Recovery and Guided Reading.

“Teaching is in my blood so to speak,” Rath said. “I find almost everything to be a teachable moment, and I am constantly learning new things myself. I was coloring with my granddaughter, Amelia, not too long ago. Sounding a bit like Bob Ross (the TV artist) as Amelia drew she said, ‘I’m making these trees smaller because they’re farther away than these in the front.’ Maybe she had been listening to me as we painted pictures in the past, or to her parents, or a friend or a teacher doing a mathematical lesson on drawing to scale. No matter where she picked up the skill, I believe nearly every moment in life can be a teachable moment with a lesson to be learned.”

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