Gary Bogenrief

Gary Bogenrief

The newest addition to the North Sioux City City Council, Gary Bogenrief, has been a part of the North Sioux City community since 2011.

It wasn’t the best year to build along McCook Lake though, as that’s when a large flood hit the area with people even being evacuated from their homes in Dakota Dunes. But he also learned the character of the community in that time.

“The house wasn’t even built yet and we were having to sandbag around it,” Bogenrief recalled. “But we had a lot of help moving in and knew this was the right community for us.”

Bogenrief decided to run for city council after being asked by a few people. He had once been a part of the Kingsley-Pierson school board and is used to making the difficult decisions to better the entity he is serving.

Another factor in his decision to be a part of the council is that he’s interested in the growth the city is showing.

“I’ve always had an interest in development,” he said. “I’m excited to see the growth that Sioux City is seeing coming into North Sioux City. I want to see our city grow responsibly.”

Fiscally responsible growth – that was part of Bogenrief’s campaign. He said he’s always been the person who knows that change is coming.

“You have to accept it and make it into a positive,” Bogenrief said. “Just like I’ll take the personal aspect out of decisions and do what’s best for the city. You have to look at the best interest of the city and do it fiscally responsible.”

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