Elk Point Ambulance facility

This room is the only area currently available at the Elk Point Ambulance facility.

The Elk Point Ambulance is reaching out to the community to help build a new ambulance facility and to purchase a new Stryker Power-XT Cot and Power-Load powered fastener for the ambulance.

Renee Irwin, chief and director, said that there is a need of a larger facility due to a lack of space.

“We are unable to do a lot of hands-on training that is needed to keep our EMT’s updated, and they need a space to practice to be able to handle calls with ease,” Irwin said.

Also, the current building lacks a private office space to secure computer documentation. Storage space for equipment is lacking. Another problem is the foundation crumbling “beyond repair.”

Purchasing the lot south of the 1970s ambulance building will allow it to expand and stay on Main Street.

“Our crew loves what it does and to prevent any back injuries to crew members while loading patients is a plus,” Irwin said. “The $40,000 electric cot locks into a load system to raise and lower the cot with one hand, even with fault with the mechanics, unlike our current cot with mechanical issues, which takes at least four people to lift. South Dakota allows us to ride with driver and one EMT which means failure of the old cot in the middle of the night is a risk to the patient and crew.”

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