Streeter Driver realignment project

Option A of the Streeter Driver realignment project. This is the conceptual drawing the council chose to follow. 

Quite a bit of information was shared with the North Sioux City City Council Tuesday, Jan. 19. They heard presentations from Jon Brown of Stockwell Engineering on the water tower project, the completed water study and the Streeter Drive realignment project.

Beginning with the water study, Brown showed the council how much water is currently used versus the projected growth in 20 years. Currently, the city’s well capacity is at 2,500 gallons per minute (gpm) and the demand is just below 1,500 gpm; however, Brown projected that in 20 years, the demand would be just under 3,000 gpm and the city wells would only have the current capacity of 2,500 gpm. Due to this he presented a couple different options. They were 1) expand the Streeter Drive plant; 2) build a new facility at the Streeter Drive site; 3) consolidate treatment at the Streeter Drive site; 3a) add reverse osmosis (RO) softening at the Streeter Drive site; 4) build a single facility near Missouri River; and 4a) add RO softening at Missouri site. After the options were presented to city staff, they recommended looking more at option 2, building a new facility at the Streeter Drive site. The capital cost estimate is $11,121,000 with an annual operation estimate of $297,200. No action was taken.

At the last meeting, the council gave Stockwell the authority to move forward with bids on the water tower project. However, after looking at current steel prices of $1,000 per ton, they decided against it. City Administrator Eric Christensen suggested that they hold off going to bids for a couple months, watch steel prices, hope that they come down and bid for the project at end of summer, early fall.

The last presentation Brown had for the council was that of the Streeter Drive realignment project. At the previous council meeting, council member Dan Parks had asked about the trailhead and how they were going to keep people off the current Streeter Drive after the realignment was done. Brown presented those questions to the council Jan. 19 along with conceptual drawings. (See Option A at right and Options B and C on page 16.)

The only dilemma was how to figure out how much of the road to close versus taking out when the State of South Dakota has discussed reconfiguring Exit 2. Three options were presented to the council with the first option keeping the existing road intact and allowing travel on it to the hotel parking lots but with posted Dead End signs. Permanent barricades would be placed after the entrance to the hotel so that traffic could not have full access of the road. This option would cost the least and would leave room for the state when they decide what they’re doing. Option B was to remove a portion of existing pavement and place barricades at the end of what was removed. This would still allow access to the businesses from River Drive. Option C removes all of Streeter Drive from the proposed curve to the last business’ entrance way with barricades off the end of the entrance.

The council, knowing they just replaced the road and it’s in good condition, would rather wait to see what the state wants to do instead of ripping up the road. They decided to go with Option A. A public hearing on the Streeter Drive realignment project will be held Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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