At its regular meeting Monday, Dec. 6, the Jefferson City Council heard from Union County Chief Dispatcher Sara Beatty on how Jefferson Police respond to 911 calls.

Beatty appeared via Zoom to address concerns from an unnamed courthouse employee asking for information on 911 calls in Jefferson and how many Jefferson police respond to. Council members questioned her about a several aspects of 911 calls, but Beatty did not have exact information on how many calls from Jefferson come in to dispatch and how many Jefferson police respond to. She did tell the council that officers respond at all hours and council members may not be aware of how often that happens. Beatty said Police Chief Randy Crum and Officer Bill Manger always inform dispatch when they will be unavailable and who is on call.

Council member Larry Whitlock said he had been misinformed, not stating by whom, regarding 911 calls and response times. He said he is satisfied with the information Beatty provided.

Two residents approached the council with water and sewer concerns. Don Gustin, 303 E. Dakota Avenue, returned to the council about water line issues on his property. He wants the city to run a new water service line to his property and relocate the fire hydrant. Part of the work will be in the ditch belonging to Union County and the county will have to be consulted before work commences. As Water Superintendent, Crum said fire hydrants must be placed every 300 feet and that impacts where a hydrant can be moved to. He will get three estimates for the work and contact the county.

Cindy Irwin appeared with a complaint about her sewer line, which she said has been plugged for over five years. A camera was sent down the line in 2020 and found no obstruction. However, Irwin said she had been advised, not stating by whom, that the city was causing the

problem. City Attorney Sabrina LaFleur-Sayler asked whether Irwin had a contractor who would put that in writing. Until then, Crum will run another camera down the line, with council members Mike Stokely, Tony Boulware and Gary Schaeffer looking over his shoulder, to look for a city-caused obstruction.

The council held first reading to three ordinances, all revising city ordinances dealing with medical cannabis, zoning and public consumption.

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