Concerns with the proximity of the new proposed North Sioux City water tower to Graham Airfield has put the project on hold, according to Jon Brown of Stockwell Engineers. Brown informed the North Sioux City City Council of the issue at the Oct. 5 meeting. He stated the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a Notice of Presumed Hazard Sept. 2, due to the required height of the tower in relation to Graham Airfield. He stated they (Stockwell Engineers and the city) are now looking for a new location.

“At this point, we’re diligently looking at alternative locations and looking at what those alternatives might be,” Brown said. “At this point, if we are unable to successfully convince anyone that this current location is acceptable, meaning the SDDOT or the FAA, then we’re going to be moving to a different location; we’re going to have to.”

Brown said that location would have to be north of Exit 4, which would add to the cost of the current proposed water tower. The project included a hydrologic model which helped them to determine where a good location would be.

“We’re able to tell what we would have to do on different locations,” Brown said. “At this point, we are confident that it will cost more money to go wherever we have to go, just because of switching locations and we’re most likely going to have to add some infrastructure to get the water to this location.”

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