County Commissioner Kevin Joffer was concerned over the reports they heard at the last Union County Board of County Commission meeting June 15 about the breakup on County Road 1B (CR1B). He asked Highway Superintendent Jerry Buum to come back to the meeting, June 29, and explain to the commission what exactly was going on. Joffer said he was confused with the resources of today’s technology, that even the experts don’t know what’s wrong with the road.

“There was something disturbing said at the last meeting – and I think when we met with him, too – that we’re at the end of the road and there’s nothing we can do,” Joffer said. “I don’t know if I buy that. I’m not a contractor, but the thing of it is, we’re being told that these [similar roads]are all over Iowa and aren’t having these problems.

“If I knew how to fix this, I would’ve fixed it,” Buum said.

“I drove it a week ago and you guys put a lot of work into it, but...” Joffer said.

“It’s an embarrassment,” Buum replied.

County Commissioner Rich Headid asked if they can fall back on anyone, whether it’s Knife River or Ulteig Engineering. He said it seems like the two companies are passing the blame between themselves.

“It’s hard to accept the fact that nobody knows,” Joffer commented.

Headid suggested that they hire an outside company to inspect the road – someone who’s not already invested in it – and see if they can help figure out the problem. Buum was instructed to get bids from other entities on how much a survey would cost. They also wanted to see documentation received on the road.

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