Glenn Bosse

Glenn Bosse watches as Hartington Nebraska Tree Removal plants the Blue Spruce he donated to the county Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Architecture, Inc., hired on July 28 to provide conceptual drawings of the courthouse where expansion or renovations could be done, presented the first three conceptual drawings to the Union County Board of County Commissioners, Oct. 6.

Option 1 – Build out to the east and west of the courthouse and rearrange offices to better fit current and future space constraints. It leaves the generator and communication tower in their current position on the north side of the courthouse.

Option 2 – Build out to the east, west and north, and moves the generator and tower to the far north of the lot. Option 2 has larger corridors and a lobby area.

Option 3 – The commissioners agreed wouldn’t work. It moves the front entrance to the north side of the building and has an overlapping lobby for public and court services. The other two options split so that those conducting business with the courts would go to the east side of the building and those conducting county business, the west. The third option was also a concern because prisoners wouldn’t be brought in through a secured hallway.

Commission chairman Milton Ustad asked to see a fourth option consisting of building a new public safety building on the north side of the jail where they would move the courts to. The architect brought up that this would prevent future expansion of the jail. Ustad still wanted to see the price comparison.

More information will be available at the next meeting.

Independence Waste

Kay Kramer, Aaron Keuck and their attorney Joel Arends were present for a nuisance hearing on the Independence Waste property. Arends said that he met with Union County Zoning Director Dennis Henze at the property and they reviewed the violations, what progress has been made and what still needs to happen. The dumpsters have been moved behind the building and are stacked upside down so they don’t collect water. They cleaned up the trash and put it into a pile. Keuck added dirt on top of the trash pile so it wouldn’t blow away until they could pay for a couple roll-off dumpsters to put it in.

Arends stated that Kramer isn’t in a position to sell any equipment from Independence Waste as the bank had taken all the valuable assets of the company, leaving nothing to be sold to help offset expenses for the cleaning that needs to be done. Kramer is willing to keep cleaning up the property until it meets the county’s guidelines. Arends said that she just needs the county to give her a little more time.

After listening to this, the commissioners approved Resolution 2020-005 declaring the property a nuisance and giving Kramer 60 days to clean up the property.

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