Thermo Bond Buildings of Elk Point had a positive COVID-19 test for an employee this afternoon, April 24.

The company is offering its full and unqualified support to this employee who is not currently at work and has received medical attention. In accordance with CDC guidelines, those who have had close contact were notified to ensure that they are self-monitoring for symptoms and, if appropriate, receiving medical attention and limiting contact with others.

In an effort to curb transmission of the virus, we have temporarily closed the Elk Point plant, restricted access to our facility and scheduled the facility for cleaning and disinfection in accordance with CDC recommendations. The company is obtaining guidance from public health officials and will continue to monitor additional guidance as it becomes available.

We have and will continue to take steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees, our business partners and their families. We are proud of our workforce and offer our whole-hearted support of and continued commitment to everyone’s health and safety in these unprecedented times.