Jeremy Poulsen owns a house along McCook Lake and informed the North Sioux City City Council that from actions taken at their last meeting, Feb. 18, he has been deemed a public nuisance because of his “bubbler” (aerator).

Poulsen said he bought the property two years ago. The first year they took their lift out of the water and it was cumbersome, problematic and expensive.

“So after doing some research, looking through city ordinances, calling the state, making sure that doing what’s been done in other places where we lived and seeing if aerators or bubblers could be used in this capacity,” Poulsen said, “I went ahead and purchased a bubbler, put it in and ran it. It’s done a great job of protecting my property and my lift in particular.”

Poulsen questioned the ordinance because it states, “someone that is doing something unlawfully creates a nuisance.”

“My bottom line is this, as I stated in my letter, I think that this is a situation where a sensible resolution can be met,” Poulsen began. “So that people who have docks and lifts can and should be able to protect their property and do so in a manner that people can recreate on the lake. I understand that aerators have a tendancy to take out a lot more area. If those aerators are run on a timer or appropriately, it can be done.”

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