The Dakota Valley Elementary sent out the following email reminder on the school’s policy for having personal items in the school building:

“Many students bring personal items and other expensive items, including electronic devices to school,” the handbook reads. “We strongly discourage you [parents and guardians] from allowing this to occur. Games, activities and educational toys are available for student use. Some personal items and/or electronic devices may be ‘banned’ in each classroom if they begin to hinder the learning environment. We encourage social interactions with other students instead of interactions with individual electronic devices when at school on the bus. Although an iPhone watch, cell phone or similar device is not a ‘toy,’ they can be expensive. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items such as these and we discourage them from being at school. In addition, if they become a distraction, the student will be asked to place the item in the locker and not to bring it back to school.

“Not only do students risk losing or damaging any item they bring from home, our students are not easily able to put those ‘things’ out of their minds when they are supposed to be learning,” the handbook continues. “Even if they are in their backpacks or lockers, those things that have been brought to school are sometimes, somehow, still a distraction. Our teachers will continue to remind students to keep personal things at home if they notice that a toy or item has been brought to school and has become a problem, but, we ask that you [parents or guardians] please help to remind your child why it is important to keep those types of things at home, too.”