The Elk Point City Council opened its regular meeting Monday, May 3 with a public forum to hear a Proposed Resolution of Necessity #2021-3. That resolution would set assessments for property owners along three gravel streets that the city intended to pave with asphalt – parts of Washington, Pinckney and Douglas streets. No one living on the affected portions of Washington or Pinckney objected to the assessments, which range from less than $400 to over $6,200. However, several property owners in the 400 and 500 blocks of N. Douglas Street appeared with a very clear message – their street does not need to be paved.

Melvin Vavra wondered why property owners weren’t part of the process to begin with. He said Douglas is a dead-end road; only five cars travel it on a daily basis, except for Bill Curry, who moves farm equipment along the road. Vavra said that would probably just wreck the asphalt anyhow. He also asked about fixing drainage problems along the street.

“If they maintain it a little bit and put some gravel down, it’d be just fine for us,” Vavra said. “We have no need for the asphalt.”

John Suing agreed with that. He said the farm machinery and trucks will ruin the asphalt.

“I’m fine with the gravel,” Suing said.

Virginia VonHaden also does not want the road paved, “unless you [the city] want to pay for it yourselves, which you don’t.”

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