Even though the administrators were not in attendance at the Dakota Valley School Board meeting Oct. 11, their reports were submitted to the board. The administrators were excused so they could prepare for parent teacher conferences. (Reports were not received from every administrator).

Kristi Maloney, Elementary School Principal

Maloney’s report discussed the September Maloney’s MVPs, which recognized 55 students. They were recognized for academic achievement, showing a growing mindset, displaying strong character and demonstrating kindness. The students were rewarded with cookies and a call to each of their families. They also received a window cling to commemorate the honor.

The students performed their first fire drill of the year in collaboration with the North Sioux City Fire Department during Fire Prevention Week Oct. 6. The students evacuated the building and were greeted by the fire trucks, as would happen in an actually emergency. Once the drill was complete, the Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten and first grade students were able to view the fire trucks.

Maloney also wrote about “Friendship Friday.” Throughout the month on Fridays, students in grades Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten and second grade are paired together and first and third grades are paired up.

“Throughout the year, these classroom partnerships, or ‘friends’ work together to do activities, learn or even help each other accomplish tasks,” Maloney reported. “The positive impact (both academically and socially) for students who feel connected in their schools has been well documented and we are excited to continue this initiative.”

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