The rise of the Coronavirus brought on social distancing recommendations at state, national and international levels. It has many in the community staying home and having limited contact with others. Households are figuring out ways to accommodate adults needing to work remotely, while also providing educational opportunities and activities for children being kept at home.

Tiffany Jund, of McCook Lake, is a special education strategist for Northwest Area Education Agency and she has been working remotely since March 16 due to COVID-19. In addition to holding meetings and phone conferences from her residence, Jund is also keeping her children engaged on a daily basis. Jund’s four children (Jayce, Jamisyn, Jaidyn and Jayla) attend Dakota Valley and range from third grade to eighth grade.

“I have really tried to think of real life activities that my kids don’t know how to do,” Jund detailed. “Like our learning how to sew on a button, simple cooking skills, needle point activities, addressing an envelope, canvas art painting, bracelet making, rock painting. I am planning to teach them how to bake a loaf of bread from scratch. If the whole grocery scene settles down, I would like to do a budgeting lesson where they will shop and prepare a meal of their choice with all of the kids involved.”

Academic resources provided by Dakota Valley have been put to good use within the Jund household. The family has utilized online tools shared by the school in order to complete learning exercises for math, science, social studies, reading and writing. They have also been provided a web link to allow the Jund children to take virtual online tours of a zoo.

Finding activities that all four of her children can do at the same time is important to Jund. She likes the idea of offering lots of options when it comes to keeping her kids engaged and learning during these days of social distancing.

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