Patti Teel

Patti Teel won the North Sioux City mayor’s race April 20 by drawing the Ace of Spades.

After last Tuesday’s election, April 13, Patti Teel and Linda Cutsinger tied in the North Sioux City mayoral race with 152 votes each.

The North Sioux City City Council, convening as the Canvassing Board, canvassed the April 13 election Monday, April 19. After the votes were canvassed, Cutsinger presented a written request for a recount. It was set for Tuesday, April 20 at 3 p.m.

Three judges went through all the ballots and determined that the votes were correct at 152 each. Fifteen votes in Ward 2 were left empty for the mayoral race.

According to South Dakota law, the position came down to drawing lots – in this case, the highest card.

Cutsinger told Teel to draw first. Teel cut the deck and revealed the Ace of Spades. The deck was reshuffled and Cutsinger drew the Four of Clubs.

With that, the mayor-elect for North Sioux City is Teel.