The Elk Point City Council held a special meeting Monday, Aug. 16 to consider the final Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Elk Point Investments, LLP (EPI) to complete work on Jack Nicklaus drive and the detention basin in that area.

At a previous meeting, city engineer Kim McLaury had concerns over how drainage was being handled in plans drawn up by EPI’s engineers. Those concerns have been addressed and the council approved the MOU. Mayor Deb McCreary signed the MOU and it has been sent to EPI’s lawyers for their signature.

The MOU calls for EPI to complete Jack Nicklaus and the detention basin by the end of this year. Once work is complete, ownership will go to the city, ending a 20-year project.

In other action, the council got first look at the 2022 budget. Finance Officer Erika Hammitt pointed out several of the big-ticket items, including $160,000 for a new snowblower, $135,000 for a new backhoe and $60,000 for a new police vehicle. The largest expenditures are in the sewer department, which needs at least $250,000 to repair the wet well at the main lift station. Public Works Superintendent Trevor Job said 30 years of sewage have damaged its walls; he’s just beginning to look for ways to repair it.

The budget is due to the county auditor by the end of September.Second reading will be at the next regular meeting, 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 13, moved to avoid Labor Day.