Rozell family

Adam and Meghan Rozell have been married for 10 years and have two children, Grady and Brock.

Who said there can’t be love between rivalries? Adam and Meghan (Cook) Rozell proved that from the very beginning. Adam graduated from Elk Point-Jefferson High School in 1998; Meghan from Dakota Valley in 2004. Adam continued his education at SDSU; Meghan at USD.

Despite those rivalries, Adam and Meghan met, fell in love and got married. They’ve kept their love strong for 10 years now, soon to be 11.

They met at Bud’s Bar in Jefferson in the summer of 2007 where Meghan was bartending while in college. She started working there after her dance coach reached out, knowing that the bar was looking for help. At that time, Adam went to the bar with his friend, whose parents owned the bar. That’s all it took. Adam and Meghan began talking, then hanging out and started dating later that year. Their first date was at Graham’s Grill in Dakota Dunes.

While Adam was working on the farm with his father, Mike Rozell, Meghan took a job with Aegis Food Testing Laboratories in North Sioux City. When Adam would come visit her at work, he’d bring along some of Meghan’s favorite candy.

“There was a type of candy that I liked, those mint meltaways,” Meghan began. “He somehow figured that out, and when he’d come see me while I was working he’d bring some and tell me to pick a hand.”

The couple later began talking about getting married and even looked at engagement rings. She recalled looking at rings in June or July of 2009, but it wasn’t until October when Adam proposed. In between that time, Adam asked permission from Meghan’s father, Marty Cook.

When Adam asked, Marty told him, “I’m not sure I’m ready to give her up yet.”

“And I said, well, at least now I have an excuse,” Adam recalled. “But he was obviously kidding.”

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