The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are universal and the impact is being felt in every aspect of our daily lives. Most of our interactions with one another have moved from direct interpersonal communication to digitally connecting. With adults working from home, kids encouraged to embrace e-learning and our entertainment limited to what we can enjoy in our homes, there is more demand than ever for reliable broadband and telecommunications services.

That’s why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has called upon broadband service companies to commit to the Keep Americans Connected Pledge to reduce the risk of interruptions to broadband and telecom connectivity coast to coast during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working in the broadband industry, I certainly agree with the designation of broadband service as essential to society. But as a citizen, I share all the concerns about needing to stay connected on a more personal level than ever before. To help manage the stress that can come from too little connection in some ways – and at the same time, too much in others – I’ve taken the following actions and urge everyone to be similarly mindful about their individual media consumption.

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