A man begging for gas money at a local gas station in North Sioux City triggered suspicions Sunday morning, June 20. Jikera Mohammed was approached by North Sioux City Police Officer Faustin Mahlke, who upon running the Iowa vehicle’s license plate, found the vehicle had been reported stolen.

Mohammed jumped into the vehicle, leaving the gas station and merging onto I29 heading northbound at a high rate of speed. The top speed recorded on I29 was 120 miles per hour. Officer Mahlke reported that traffic was moderate.

Mohammed exited I29 at mile marker 15, coming into Elk Point at speeds reaching 80mph. He continued down residential streets in Elk Point, including Franklin and Pleasant Streets. The pursuit was almost called off due to concerns for public safety. However, Mohammed headed back to Main Street and left the city, heading northwest on the Burbank Road.

A South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper was in the area to assist and deployed spikes across Burbank Road, flattening three of Mohammed’s four tires. At this point, Mohammed pulled the vehicle over and didn’t resist arrest.

The 25-year old Minnesota resident is being charged with False Impersonation, Careless Driving, Speeding on an Interstate, Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles, Reckless Driving, Aggravated Eluding, Driving While License Revoked and Obstructing Law Enforcement Officials.

North Sioux City Police were assisted by the South Dakota Highway Patrol, Elk Point Police Officer Nick Fenske and the Union County Sheriff’s Department.