The Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District (CID) Board of Supervisors held their first draft budget discussion at their meeting Aug. 16. The North Sioux City Sports Complex board was present and requested the consideration of funds from the CID board. The CID board is considering the request.

CID District Manager Jeff Dooley highlighted the proposed budget. It requests $1,894,464 which is a 4.5 percent increase from last year.

“That’s what we’re entitled to through growth plus inflation,” Dooley said. “The expenses are about $1,348,650 in that first draft. That was about a half percent projected increase from 2021.”

They have planned purchases of $134,000 in equipment and $255,000 in capital purchases ($100,000 is dedicated to the Sioux Point Road Pedestrian/Bicycle Path).

The mill levy is projected to be at 2.96, down from 3.04 last year.

Dakota Dunes is applying for a transportation alternative grant through the South Dakota Department of Transportation to fund the Sioux Point Road Pedestrian/Bicycle Path. The grant application is due Oct. 1.

The board looked at a change in the employee handbook in regards to medical marijuana. The changes were provided by their insurance company. The item was tabled until more information could be gathered.

Pedestrian crosswalks were discussed for the Meadows and Prairie Boulevards so people can cross on marked crossings instead of in the street. The motion was made to paint lines and put up traditional crosswalk signs. Flashing crosswalk signs will be discussed at a later time.

The bike bridge project that Sioux City is working on is now moving on to the public input portion in September. Dooley said once a feasible site is located, they will move on with development agreements.

The next scheduled meeting will be Sept. 20 at 7 p.m.