2020 is a year that no one wants to relive. Everyone is ready to put the year behind them and focus on 2021, making it better than 2020, and, hopefully, getting back to their own sense of normalcy. However, before we try to completely forget 2020 ever existed, let’s look back on what major events, decisions and good/bad things happened throughout the year.

Adapting April

Schools, businesses and people learned to adapt to a new “normal” in April. Students were still doing at-home learning, with parents figuring out ways to keep their children focused on school. Teachers also struggled to learn how to teach remotely and keep children engaged.

On governmental levels, meetings were consistently held to determine whether to keep businesses open, how to stop the spread of COVID-19 and whether to shut down buildings. The Union County Courthouse was shut down to limited public access March 17 and the county commission decided to keep it that way until the public was otherwise informed. People had to call ahead before conducting essential business within the courthouse.

Churches, which also closed their doors to in-person services, adapted so that they could still involve parishioners in services. Facebook Live became a new normal for worship services. It helped people watch church from home, but still feel a close connection to their faith.

Cities began shutting down parks, roping them off with yellow police tape. Their reasoning was, the COVID-19 virus could live on the equipment, causing a larger spread of germs throughout communities. North Sioux City closed its parks Wednesday, April 1, Elk Point Thursday, April 2 and Dakota Dunes Friday, April 3.

Food pantries changed the way they served their customers by pre-packing bags full of food items; people would need to pick up the items in a drive-thru fashion.

The Dakota Valley High School decided to hold virtual graduation ceremonies while following CDC guidelines. They held this virtual ceremony on the actual graduation date of May 9.

Madness May

The City of North Sioux City was in chaos throughout the beginning couple weeks of May. Mayor Randy Fredericksen resigned from his position of mayor with his term not ending until 2021. His reasons for resigning were mainly displeasure with the city council. After the mayor resigned, North Sioux City was left without a mayor, city administrator and city finance officer.

On a brighter, note, the city moved in a different direction, appointing Rodd Slater as Mayor in a special meeting May 7. On May 18, the council approved the hiring of current City Administrator Eric Christensen. His official start date with the city was June 22.

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