The State of South Dakota is updating its state water plan for water system improvements that might need state funding. At the last Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District Board of Supervisors meeting, the board had approved sending an application for a forcemain replacement project from the Dakota Dunes North Lift Station (Prairie Park) to Riverside Park (over the I-29 bridge).

“It’s going to need to be replaced and it’s a very important line for us,” CID District Manager Jeff Dooley said at the last meeting. “It’s estimated to be about a $655,000 project. What the state water plan is, basically, the state asking for water projects that might need state funding in the future. So, we’ll get on the list and they’ll at least know what might be needed going forward. Then when we get on the list, we can start designing it. It will help position ourselves to apply for funding in the future.”

At their Oct. 18 meeting, the board approved adding three more applications to the state water plan for potential water system improvements. The first was a 500,000 gallon elevated water tower for $2.8 million. The second was looping under the interstate to provide some redundancy in the system for $855,000. The last project was to expand the Dunes’ water treatment capacity, if they ever need it. That cost estimate is $6.6 million. The total cost for all three projects estimates to $10.4 million.

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