Two Jefferson council members, Tony Boulware and Mike Stokely, brought a wide range of complaints to the Jefferson City Council meeting Monday, Nov. 1.

They had asked for copies of all city ordinances and job descriptions. Boulware and Stokely raised concerns about calling emergency meetings, building permits, police response times, work on city property, a recent water project crossing Main Street and how much the city pays for an Elk Point-Jefferson bus to be plugged into city hall during winter months.

City Attorney Sabrina LaFleur-Sayler told the council that emergency meetings can only be convened under certain circumstances. Otherwise, there must be at least 24-hour notice to the newspaper, public, council members and the city attorney.

Boulware and Stokely questioned how building permits were issued, as they feel some people have been denied permits by Finance Officer Michaeleen Roark. Boulware moved and council member Larry Whitlock seconded to require that all permits be approved by the full council. With Boulware, Stokely and Whitlock voting aye and council members Kim Bogenreif, John Lokhorst and Gary Schaeffer voting nay, the tie was broken by Mayor Joe Bogenreif’s nay vote. The motion failed.

Boulware next moved that all work on city property be approved by the full council unless it’s an emergency. Street Superintendent Randy Crum wanted clarification on what constituted “work on property.” After discussion, Boulware withdrew his motion.

His next motion was more concise – that any work that would tear up a public way be approved by the full council unless it is an emergency. The motion was seconded by Whitlock and passed.

Boulware next brought up four-wheelers that were tearing up city streets. Police Chief Crum said he was not aware of that situation, which prompted Boulware to ask just how much time Crum spent on duty. Crum said Union County dispatch is notified when Crum comes on duty, so those times are available. Whitlock asked how many 911 calls come from Jefferson and how many Jefferson responds to. Union County Chief Dispatcher Sara Beatty will be invited to the next council meeting to answer the council’s questions.

One of the complaints Boulware had concerned a recent project on Main Street. Nikki Werner with Jefferson Beer Supply paid to have a larger water line run to her business at 202 Main Street. Werner said she complied with current city ordinances. Crum agreed that Werner was correct in paying for all the work. Werner said several council members halted the project and reported the plumber doing the work to OSHA. She does not feel that behavior is conducive to a positive business climate.

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