The Jefferson City Council met Monday, April 6 at its new location – the Jefferson Community Center. That venue allows for more space between members than the council room at city hall. The council intends to meet at the center until the COVID-19 threat has passed.

That pandemic was the basis for discussion, as Police Chief Randy Crum has been visiting area businesses to see how they are complying with Gov. Kristi Noem’s Executive Order concerning social distancing at businesses. Crum found that by and large, most local businesses were complying. However, he has received complaints about Harlan Osthus’ barbershop, that he is not adhering to the six-foot distancing directive. City Attorney Sabrina LaFleur-Sayler said there is not a mandatory statewide directive for masks, gloves or closing. Crum will visit with Osthus about complying with the guidelines.

Cheryl McIntosh of Jefferson Conoco attended the meeting to tell the council of several issues that business has seen. One customer wanted to sit at a booth and a number of out-of-state gamblers were still using the casino, even though both had been posted closed. McIntosh was told violators can be arrested for trespassing it they continue to ignore the closed signs if the police are called.

Since Elk Point and North Sioux City has closed their parks, Crum expressed his concerns that families would come to Jefferson to use those facilities. The council agreed to close the park and playground equipment and to stack picnic tables to discourage people from congregating there.

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