The City of Elk Point is revising areas for garbage pickup. While the days remain the same – Tuesday and Thursday – the dividing line between the two days will move.

Currently, homes and businesses north of Main Street are picked up on Thursday, south on Tuesday. However, because of growth in the southern end of town, the dividing line will be Washington Street, beginning the first week in November.

“There were a few factors as to why Trevor [Public Works Superintendent Trevor Job] and I decided to move the dividing road to the south,” City Administrator Derek Tuttle said. “The first being, Tuesday pickup days were taking significantly longer than Thursday pickup days. Now that the dividing road is Washington Street, the businesses that were being picked up on Tuesday will now be picked up on Thursday, taking a lot of pressure off Tuesday pickup days. Secondly, Elk Point is growing more in the southern end.”

Tuttle said the dividing line may be moved again in the future, depending on how the town grows.