Nichole Herzog was hired as the Upper Elementary/Middle School Principal at Dakota Valley’s board meeting July 12. She joined the district from the Flandreau School District where she served as the high school principal. (See next week’s paper for more information).

Dakota Valley held its annual organizational meeting where board members were assigned to committees and various prices were set for the year. For many years, the board has met at 7 p.m. However, board member Jeff Dooley suggested they change the time to 6 p.m. to give staff members a shorter day and those with younger children get home sooner. The staff was asked their feelings; all responded they liked the idea. The board approved moving the starting time to 6 p.m. on the second Monday of each month.

Board members Sara Weber and Andrew Nilges also took their oath of office. These board members will be on these committees:

• Buildings and Grounds – Matt Thompson and Dooley

• Finance – Steve Kistner and Dooley

• Library & Technology – Weber and Thompson

• Policy Committee – Kistner and Nilges

• NSCDV Recreation – Kistner

• DVBC & ASBSD Legislation Liaison –Nilges

• Hardship Fund (Sick Bank) – Dooley

• Wellness – Weber

Kistner was voted in as board president with Dooley serving as vice-president. The legal council appointed was co-counsel of Rodney Freeman from Huron, SD and KSB Law (Sioux Falls and Lincoln, NE), truancy officers will be the school liaison officer and Union County Sheriff’s Department and the Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tonia Warzecha will serve as the school lunch hearing officer. The board approved following Robert’s Rules of Order as parliamentary procedure. Bank depository will stay with Liberty National Bank and the Dakota Dunes/North Sioux City Times will continue as the legal newspaper for the district. The board was designated $1,000 from the School Board Members Fund for $500 scholarships to be awarded to two graduates from the current senior class.

See full story in this week’s Dakota Dunes / North Sioux City Times.