At its regular meeting Monday, Aug. 2, the Jefferson City Council moved to set a deadline for repairs to the property at 113 N. 3rd St.

The property, owned by Duane Tielke, was red-tagged nearly three years ago, which means no one can live in it until it passes plumbing and electrical inspections. However, Police Chief Randy Crum said people have been moving more things into the house and neighbors have seen people inside the home at all hours. Three of those neighbors – Debbie Broveak, Mark LaFleur and Cheryl McIntosh – attended the meeting to express their concerns. Crum said they all have the same question:

“How long does he [Tielke] have to get this stuff done before the city does something?”

The city has set a number of deadlines with specific work to be completed, but nothing has been done for nearly a year. After discussion, the council decided to send Tielke a letter telling him he has 20 days to respond; if he does not, the city will demolish the property.

Finance Officer Michaeleen Roark presented a preliminary budget for discussion. There are few changes from last year, other than a slight increase in buildings and a decrease in street repairs. The council had approved appropriating the two-cent sales tax to Jefferson Fire and Rescue to purchase new bunker gear (the set of equipment firemen wear whenever they set out). Council member Gary Schaeffer, who is also assistant Fire Chief, said the department does not necessarily want to designate the funds just for that, in case there is a need for other equipment. Roark also said she has a proposal from A.J. Boulware, who is willling to make some improvements to the ballfield so he can hold some games there. He would raise the height of the fences and the backstop and also work on the field. The council took no action on any budget items, until its next meeting. The budget must be completed by Oct. 1.

Crum reported on the Days of ’59, which went smoothly for the most part. Council member Mike Stokely apologized for his behavior to Crum. There were also complaints of “burn-outs” as cars left the show Sunday afternoon, in some cases coming dangerously close to bystanders. The council discussed setting guidelines for next year, but took no action at the meeting.

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