Shared-use pedestrian/bike trail

The two projects between Dakota Dunes and North Sioux City will connect the two communities through a shared-use pedestrian/bike trail. This will connect Dakota Dunes to Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve as well.

A resolution to send the South Dakota Department of Transportation Alternative Grant for the Sioux Point Road Pedestrian/Bike Trail application was approved at the Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District (CID) Board of Supervisors meeting Monday, Sept. 20. The resolution states that the CID commits up to $120,000 for a local match to leverage about $340,000 proposed by the state for a $455,000 project.

“We will operate and maintain it,” CID District Manager Jeff Dooley said. “It’s a trail that goes up Sioux Point Road and will connect to the one that North Sioux City is doing.

“This is part of our effort to improve the walking trails within the commercial parks,” Dooley explained. “It will also provides a needed connection to North Sioux City and Adams [Homestead and] Nature Preserve.”

The application needed to be submitted by Oct. 1. A public comment period was held with no one speaking in favor or against.

The board approved sending to the state water plan application for a forcemain replacement project for Dakota Dunes. This would allow the state to help with funding of an upcoming need for the Dunes. The wastewater forcemain from the Dakota Dunes North Lift Station (Prairie Park) to Riverside Park (over the I-29 bridge) is going on 30 years old.

“It’s going to need to be replaced and it’s a very important line for us,” Dooley said. “It’s estimated to be about a $655,000 project. What the state water plan is, basically, the state asking for water projects that might need state funding in the future. So, we’ll get on the list and they’ll at least know what might be needed going forward. Then when we get on the list, we can start designing it. It will help position ourselves to apply for funding in the future.”

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